The SuperSmartWebProfits.com Family of Websites* takes your privacy very seriously. We are committed to your privacy and security and want to provide you with the best possible online experience. To that end, we want you to understand what kinds of information we gather from you, how this information is used and safeguarded, and how you can control its use. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to the use of the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites by consumers ("you") who are customers of Cash Homebuyers, LP and its subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively, "Cash Homebuyers, LP", "we", "us" and "our"). This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, so please check back frequently.

Table of Contents

A Special Note About Children

Children are not eligible to use our services and we ask that minors (under the age of 18) do not submit any personal information to us. If you are a minor, you can use this service only in conjunction with your parents or guardians.

Information We Collect

The kinds of information we collect from you will vary, depending on how you use the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites. It's possible to browse the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites without submitting any Personally Identifiable Information (“personal information”) at all, but if you choose to take advantage of some of our products and services, you may be asked to provide information such as a user name and password, your full name, e-mail address, phone number, address, or, for certain financial products or services, your Social Security number and banking information, and for certain e-commerce transactions your credit card information. Whenever we ask for this kind of information, we strive to provide a link to this Privacy Policy to help you understand how your personal information will be used before you decide whether to disclose it.

In addition to the personal information you choose to submit, our systems are set up to gather certain anonymous data to help us to better understand how the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites are being used and how we can improve them. This automatically gathered data includes your computer's Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, statistics about how visitors navigate through the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites and information provided through the use of “cookies” (which is described in more detail below).

As you visit the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites, be aware that third parties may at times be able to gather information from and about you. For example, third party advertiser servers, companies that place advertisements on the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites and companies offering products or services through the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites may use cookies to collect and use information about you and may collect information that you submit. In these cases, the third parties will use such information according to their own privacy policies that may differ from this Privacy Policy.

Information Sharing and Usage

The use of your information depends on the context in which it is collected. Therefore, pay special attention to the categories below that relate to the features of the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites that you wish to utilize. In addition to using your personal information as set forth below, note that we may disclose the information that we collect about you when we have reason to believe that it is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against persons or entities who may be causing injury to you, to us or to others, and may also disclose such information when we believe that the law requires it, such as identifying (but not limited to) violations of our Terms of Use. Also be aware that denverdiscountwholesaledeals.com may at times be legally compelled to disclose certain information, by means such as subpoenas or court orders.

We may link information collected from you through various means, including information collected automatically and through the use of cookies and purchase information, or other personal information you provide to help us offer content, advertisements, products and services that we believe will be of interest to you, and this information may also be shared among the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites. In addition, we may share this information, in aggregate form, with our current and potential advertisers so they can present advertisements more effectively.

If you have indicated that you want to be contacted by third parties, we may use the information we collect to select which names to provide to a particular third party in order to present you with products and services that we believe will be of interest to you, but we will not disclose this type of information, other than your Contact Information (information that provides a means of contacting you), to any such third party.

SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites may use anonymous data automatically gathered by our servers so that we can understand how to make the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites more convenient and useful to our audience. This information may also be shared among the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites and used for similar purposes. In addition, we may share this information, in aggregate form, with our current and potential advertisers or marketing allies so they can try to present advertisements and content more effectively. We may also use aggregate information to share information with the public regarding products, services, content or tools that may of interest to them.

If we sell off a division, merge with another company or spin off a business, your information may be included in such a transaction. However if such a transaction occurs we will notify you of the event and give you an opportunity to respond.

Registration: The personal information you provide when you become a registered user of one of the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites is used primarily to help us customize your online experience. This personal information may also be shared among the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites to make your use of the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites more convenient by, for example, limiting the number of times you have to register with us. Your e-mail address serves as a unique identifier in our record system, and it is used together with your password to prevent unauthorized access to any information you choose to store on the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites. The data you give us about your personal preferences and demographics (e.g., your age, ZIP code, occupation or the like) may be used to help us offer content, advertisements, products, and services that we believe will be of interest to you. In addition, we may share this information, in aggregate form, with our current and potential advertisers so that they can present advertisements more effectively. If you forget your password for any registered area of the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites, we have an automated password recovery system, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link on the sign in page. Please note that we do not knowingly accept or store any Personally Identifiable Information about any individual under the age of 13 under any circumstances. If we become aware that Personally Identifiable Information regarding an individual under the age of 13 has been stored, we will promptly delete it from our records (see A Special Note About Children for more information). Unless you specify that you'd prefer not to hear from us, we may also use the e-mail address you provide at the time of registration to contact you for promotional or other purposes. You may have these communications terminated at any time. If you indicate that you're interested in hearing from other companies, we may also share your Contact Information with such companies for that purpose. We may have to contact you now and then to inform you of changes to your service, a change in this Privacy Policy or other administrative purposes. These administrative e-mails will not contain any advertisements.

Tools: The SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites allow you to use many helpful tools, such as financial calculators, real estate search tools and other tools most of which will not ask you to disclose any personal information. These tools are for your benefit, and the information you submit when you use them (typically impersonal data) is not disclosed to anyone or used for any purpose other than to provide you with the service you're seeking. However there are several online tools where we may ask your permission to use the personal information you enter in order to offer services, products or information that we believe may be of use to you or to merge such information into your profile registration.

User-Requested Services: You may choose to request products or services of a more substantial or personal nature when using the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites. For example, you may apply for a loan, request our help in locating a home, store your preferences for convenience in using the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites or make an online purchase or payment. The information you provide when seeking these services may be used in the following ways:

  • For services provided by the SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites, the information you submit is used by us to provide the service you've requested. We may also share this information with subcontractors, but only to the extent necessary to fulfill your request or to facilitate your use of their services. For instance, we may use your information on SuperSmartWebProfits.com Websites to pre-populate a form to be sent to the provider of a service you request, but the information will not be transmitted for use in providing the service by that provider until you choose to submit the information to them. In addition, we may use the contact information and non-financial information you've supplied, such as your e-mail address, as set out in the registration section, above. Further, we may, with your permission, contact you by phone to request additional information to help you find products and services that we believe you will find useful. You are not required to cooperate with any telephone requests if you do not wish to take advantage of our products or services. If the service you request requires submission of financial information, such as a credit card number for an online purchase, rest assured that this financial information is